Genealogy: Best Ways to Find Your Family History

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Genealogy is something that many people would love to learn more about in their lifetimes, which is much easier these days with the advancements in modern technology.

There have been many ways in the past for genealogists to help people learn more about their ancestors and full-on family history, but in today’s world we can do this ourselves with the click of a few buttons on websites like, for a price of course.

But wouldn’t that cost be worth it? I don’t know many people that aren’t interested in learning more about where they come from and who their ancestors were. This has been found to help people learn more about themselves, and is a great key to knowing why you are where you are today.

Genealogy can teach us things about ourselves that otherwise we may have never known, unless you have a family that has kept up with decades of documentations, that could even be in the form of a “family bible,” which is pretty cool, don’t you think?

Turns out, there are many types of documents that genealogists turn to in order to get a better idea of a person’s family history such as:

  • Photographs
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Oral Histories
  • Medical Records
  • Poorhouse, Workhouse, and Asylum Records
  • Hereditary & Lineage Organization Records
  • Diaries, Personal Letters, & Family Bibles
  • School & Alumni Association Letters
  • City Directories
  • Court & Civil Records
  • Etc, etc, etc

Now you may have a better idea of why it can take so long to put all of this information together, and may be worth the cost of a membership site such as or one of the many other ones they have come up with lately. I’ve sure seen why.

If you are looking to dive deeper into your family history yourself, I suggest taking a look at one or even a couple of these resources.



Hello & Welcome to Generation of Stories

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Welcome to Generations of Stories – the site that discusses how much of an impact earlier generations, such as those of our parents and grandparents, have made such an impact on us as we were growing up – and not just by genealogy. This can obviously be a good or bad thing, depending on a person’s life situation.

No matter how much we like or don’t like our families, the make us who we are, and not just with DNA. The actions and behaviors of our family members that helped in raising us have also sculpted us into the very beings we are today, unless of course this has been recognized and changed.

It’s amazing how much we can actually turn out like the generations of family members before us, and not just through looks. In some cases, people do actually become their parents.

Here at GOS, we always recommend that individuals study their family history these days if they want to know where they originate from. With ample technology at our side nowadays like, it’s much easier to know where you come from than it would have been even a decade ago. For those of us that love to come across new things in our closet of family history, these tools have truly been a blessing.